Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to get unbanned from The Elder Scrolls Online, even if you duped, hacked, and cheated.

Good news folks, I have been unbanned from Elder Scrolls Online. I even got an e-mail saying they were sorry.

The method I used is pretty simple.

I stated and reiterated that I did not dupe, hack, or do anything to violate the TOS, and told them that I was wrongfully banned.
I pointed out that a few of my guild friends have also been banned and unbanned, and made sure to point out that we did nothing but farm and trade for our loot.

I also pointed out these two sites: Reddit and Sam I Am's review of The Elder Scrolls Online on Amazon.
Specifically the post that pertains to people being banned for farming the Ondil Delve. It is on page 3 on the comments section of his review.

Expect more news from me soon. I have 7 new bugs and exploits to test, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update and a few more possible exploits.

I am still banned and trying to appeal. Tried another shot in the dark, lets see if it works.

In the meantime - everyone that sends me ESO bugs and exploits, please make sure to give me a link to a video. I have no other ways of verifying the issue at the moment.
Also, I am still getting a lot of hatemail - so if you have an actual exploit, please put it in the subject line. I simply don't feel like going through 100+ spam mails daily.

Now, on to a few more exploits. These may have been hot-fixed yesterday. As I said, I can not verify. I received proof of them in video form a few days ago. So they were working three (3) days ago.

1 - Unlimited Spidersilk and Ebonthread - Copy paste from an anonymous e-mail below:
DC side. Check this out. Go to the Bangkorai zone, and head over to Silaseli Ruins. Pick up the quest Conflicted Emotions from Zaag (in basement of Dragonstar Caravan Company).

Now head over to the south side of SR and check around for a Spidersilk and Ebonthread spawn. Now loot away. It respawns instantly. Gather and make money. Deconstruct it for more moola. Enjoy MMOG fails. Thanks for all your hard work. Check out my video for more info. Please keep my name out of this and don't link to my video. I dont want to get banned.

2 - The Ondil delve is giving out excellent loot, possibly due to a loot table screw up.
It seems like both the regular and veteran Ondil mobs are dropping massive amounts of Grand Soul Gems and other phenomenal loot. Farm it up while this is still happening.

Got more fail? Give it to me at:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another day, another Elder Scrolls Online dupe exploit... Again... No, I am not kidding.

Hot on the tail of the hireling chest mail dupe, I got another dupe tip.

A source that wishes to remain anonymous sent me a video showing how to once again effectively duplicate any item in the game. While not as simple as the gbank dupe, it is not too hard to reproduce. In fact I was able to duplicate multiple items without any issue.

This source asked me not to share any details of the dupe, but I am sure it will be leaking soon.

ZeniMax. I don't even know what to say anymore. Your incompetence is mind boggling.

Oh and to answer a question I am asked in every third e-mail - NO I am not banned yet, and YES I have duped quite a few things. Mostly stuff for PvP and my guild.

Got more fails to report?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another day, another Elder Scrolls Online dupe exploit.

Seems like ZeniMax is only good at digging themselves into a a deeper grave.
First they failed to deal with their last dupe by actually acting on it, and now they also introduced a brand new one.

This one involves mail from hirelings.


While logging into the game (at the loading screen), simply press Alt+F4, or Ctrl+Alt+Del and end task.
Feel free to keep doing this for a while.
Now log in and go check your mail. You will have quite a bit of mail from your hirelings.


Got more fails to report?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Elder Scrolls Online dupe has been confirmed, it has also been around since the beta. ZeniMax's incompetence shining through once more.

Thank you to Sam and Mike for showing me this dupe in action.

I was asked NOT to post how to do this, but there is a very real dupe in Elder Scrolls Online. It is also extremely easy to pull off and I guarantee thousands have done it without malicious intent.

You can literally get unlimited money by doing this. You can basically dupe ANY item through clever use of your guild bank.

Although I have been sworn the secrecy, I can't help but laugh at ZeniMax's incompetence.

Is a rollback imminent? I don't think so - It is literally impossible, since the bug goes back to pre-beta status. Countless people have abused it to get rich.

That's right, the game was launched with knowledge of this bug!

Check these reddit threads for more info.

I can now officially classify the Elder Scrolls Online launch as being worse than the Neverwinter Online launch, making it the buggiest launch in MMOG history.

Got more fails to report?

Update: 4/18/14
Now that this has been fixed, here is exactly how EASY it was to dupe in ESO.

One more Elder Scrolls Online post, simply because I finally got flamed in three different languages.

Well, it has finally happened. I have received countless flames and rants in English, Russian, AND Chinese. This has never happened before, and warrants a special post. The rage, tears, and complaints are yummy. Keep them coming.

Btw, ignoring or flaming me because the game is buggy, broken, and so easily hackable does not change anything. I always link to proof, and simply going off on me because you "beat everything" without "any problems" won't change the fact that these issues are very real.

Now, let me make some things very clear. I did NOT upload any bots or hacks to file sharing sites. I simply re-posted links that were e-mailed to me...  After confirming that they work in game.
I did not steal them from your site. I did not hack into your guild web page, nor did I join your guild under false pretenses to get these files. The links were e-mailed to me. E-mailed to me by multiple people. I HAD NOTHING to do with them, other than re-posting the information I received.

To answer another question, no I have not been banned from TESO yet, although I did not abuse these trainers and bots. I just used them a few times to confirm they work. Please don't tell me that it's my fault you got banned because you were stupid enough to leave a bot going overnight, or ran around with super speed/teleport ulting everything you see.

With that out of the way, lets move on to some more issue the game is having.

First of all, the bank bug is still around and worse than ever. People have been losing everything. Slots, items, and countless hours of their time.

There is also a fairly uncommon issue that literally renders your character obsolete, causing you to lose everything

Falling and swimming through the world is still common place.

Often the buffs from PvP and quests stick around for a while, even after you leave/log out.

There are many game breaking bugs in the game. I personally encountered two of them. That means that they prevent your character from progressing any further.

As always, if you have any more fails to report -

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My last TESO post. Please stop it with the NWO and TESO e-mails.

Please stop it with the TESO and NWO e-mails. It's easy to kick a game while it's down, but it needs to stop. I will not make any more posts regarding TESO or NWO.

Now on to the latest news.

TESO still has game breaking bugs 8 days after its launch. Read this reddit post for more info.

But wait, the game has many more game breaking issues. Everything from quests, to skills are simply not working.

Moreover, error 301 is plaguing gamers across the globe. This issue prevents you from loading into an area due to an excessive amount of players in said area.

And as always, our Russian and Chinese friends are still releasing bots/trainers to hack the game for unlimited dodge, ultimate's and teleporting. Seems like the ZeniMax folks just cant fix these issues fast enough.

More fails to report? Send them to: Please try for something other than TESO issues.